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(also Adware.InstallCore)

InstallCore definition

InstallCore is a download manager for distributing and installing software. Although marketed as a legitimate software installer, InstallCore often bundles applications together. Users have a choice to opt out but often skip this step and end up with adware and spyware on their devices. InstallCore is categorized as a potentially unwanted program by most antivirus providers.

InstallCore dangers

Adware. Once installed on a device, adware constantly displays ads in pop-up windows and redirects the user to random advertising websites. It doesn’t damage the device in any way; it only slows it down and is annoying to the user.

Browser hijackers. This type of malware gathers information about a user such as IP address, websites visited, search queries, or time spent on particular content. This personally identifiable information can be sold or used for further cyberattacks.

Stopping InstallCore

  • Pay close attention when installing a piece of software. Users can usually unbundle the apps they are installing. So always check advanced settings and see if any additional apps or toolbars are being installed with the software you need.
  • If you already have adware or other PUP on your device, use an antivirus to find and delete it from your computer.