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Host intrusion prevention system

Host intrusion prevention system

Host intrusion prevention system definition

A host intrusion prevention system (HIPS) is software that detects and blocks malicious activities. It can be used on individual devices, such as computers, servers, or even mobile devices. HIPS monitors and analyzes system activity and network traffic on the host device. It uses pre-established rules to detect harmful activity that might be a sign of a cyber attack.

When the HIPS spots a potential threat, it takes action based on its configuration. It can alert the user or system administrator or block the detected activity. In some cases, it can also quarantine the affected files or processes to prevent further damage.

See also: intrusion detection system, host-based intrusion detection system, network intrusion protection system, wireless intrusion prevention system

Elements of a host intrusion prevention system

  • A firewall controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on preset security rules.
  • An intrusion detection system (IDS) tracks system and network activities for malicious actions or policy violations. If it spots anything suspicious, it alerts the administrator.
  • Antivirus/antimalware protects the system from viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malicious code.
  • A file integrity checking system monitors system and configuration files to ensure they haven’t been tampered with.
  • System call monitoring features keep an eye on application requests to detect suspicious behaviors.

PHost intrusion prevention system uses

  • Enterprise networks. Businesses can use HIPS on their servers and computers to prevent intrusions and secure sensitive data.
  • Personal computing. Personal users can install HIPS on their devices to avoid threats from the internet or malicious apps.
  • Mobile devices. With the increasing threat to mobile security, HIPS can also help protect smartphones and tablets.
  • Industrial control systems and IoT. HIPS can also be useful in these systems, which often lack advanced built-in security measures.

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