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Wireless intrusion prevention system

Wireless intrusion prevention system

(also WIPS)

Wireless intrusion prevention system definition

A wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) is a security system designed to protect wireless networks from unauthorized access and malicious activities. It acts as a security guard for wireless networks, keeping an eye on the network traffic and detecting any suspicious or harmful behavior. WIPS continuously monitors the wireless network for potential threats and takes proactive measures to protect them (like intrusion detection and prevention, vulnerability assessment, and security policy enforcement).

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Main functions of WIPS

  • Intrusion detection. The WIPS checks the wireless network for any devices or attempts to access it without permission. It looks for strange or suspicious activities that might mean someone is trying to break in or connect without authorization.
  • Intrusion prevention. If the WIPS detects a possible threat or unauthorized activity, it takes action to stop it. It can block or disconnect the suspicious device from the network, preventing further access and potential harm.
  • Rogue device detection. The WIPS identifies and tells network administrators about any rogue or unauthorized devices connected to the network. These could be devices pretending to be legitimate or access points that shouldn’t be there.
  • Security monitoring. The WIPS monitors the network traffic, watching for patterns or behaviors that might indicate security problems or attacks. It can notice unusual or abnormal network activity and raise the alarm if something suspicious happens.
  • Compliance monitoring. WIPS systems can also help ensure the network follows the rules and security policies. They keep an eye on things like network settings, encryption methods, and other security measures to ensure they meet the required standards and regulations.

Benefits of WIPS

  • WIPS enhances network security and helps organizations proactively identify and respond to potential threats.
  • WIPS monitors network traffic and detects threats in real time.
  • WIPS helps organizations comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards.
  • Centralized management allows network administrators to monitor and manage the security of a wireless network from a single location.

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