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High anonymity proxy

(also elite proxy, level 1 proxy)

High anonymity proxy definition

A high anonymity proxy, sometimes called an elite proxy, is a proxy server renowned for providing superior anonymity for the user. This type of proxy conceals the user's original IP address and sets itself apart from other proxy variants because it does not reveal its proxy server identity to the websites it connects with. As a result, it creates the illusion that the user's internet requests originate directly from their device.

See also: caching proxy, HTTP proxy, transparent proxy

High anonymity proxy examples

  • Public high anonymity proxies: These are free-to-use elite proxies. They provide high anonymity but may be unreliable or slow due to heavy usage.
  • Private high anonymity proxies: These are paid elite proxies that offer high performance and reliability but at a cost.

Comparing high anonymity proxies to other proxy types

High anonymity proxies provide the highest level of anonymity compared to transparent or anonymous proxies. Transparent proxies do not hide the user's IP address, while anonymous proxies hide the user's IP but still identify as proxy servers.

Pros and cons of high anonymity proxies


  • Provides the highest level of anonymity.
  • Does not identify as a proxy to websites.


  • Reliable and fast high anonymity proxies can be expensive.
  • Public high anonymity proxies can be slow or unreliable.

Using high anonymity proxies safely

  • Choose a reputable proxy provider.
  • Be aware that even high anonymity proxies cannot provide 100% anonymity.
  • Consider using a VPN in addition to a proxy for enhanced security.