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(also frapeage)

Frape definition

A frape happens when someone changes another person’s information on social media without them knowing or giving permission. Typically, people use it when they’re describing changed Facebook profiles, but it can also be used for other social media platforms. Usually, the act of a frape is seen as a practical joke. For example, if someone leaves their Facebook page open and exits the room, their name or photo can be changed, or something added to their bio – this is considered fraping. The term itself has been criticized for promoting non-consensual actions and violating personal boundaries. It is generally considered inappropriate and disrespectful. Changing someone’s personal information, photos, or posting content without their consent can lead to negative consequences, such as embarrassment, damage to personal or professional reputation, and even legal repercussions. It’s important to respect others’ boundaries and seek consent before making any changes to their social media profiles or engaging in activities that may impact their online presence.

See also: Facebook stalking, digital information

Frape examples

  • Changing a person’s profile photo on Facebook without their knowledge.
  • Posting a status on Facebook using derogatory terms without the Facebook user’s permission.
  • Messaging people on behalf of someone without them knowing.
  • Changing a person’s personal information on their Facebook page without permission.