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Dynamic URL

Dynamic URL

Dynamic URL definition

A Dynamic URL is like a customizable web address that changes based on what you’re looking for on a website. Instead of having a fixed link, it adjusts depending on factors like search queries or your selected options. Imagine searching for a product on an online store – the web address morphs to show you specific results. So, it’s a tailored link just for your search.

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Use cases of dynamic URL

  • Online shopping. When filtering products by attributes like size or color, online stores produce a dynamic URL. This link then shows only the relevant products for your query.
  • Search engines. Input a keyword into Google, and it crafts a dynamic URL for your prompt. This leads to a page with search results tailored to your term.
  • User profiles. On social media, visiting a profile generates a dynamic URL based on the user ID. This ensures you view the correct, user-specific page.
  • News filtering. On news sites, selecting filters like date or category creates a dynamic URL. This link displays content fitting your chosen filters.
  • Bookings. While choosing flights or hotels, inputting preferences results in a dynamic URL. This link presents options matching your travel criteria.

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