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Dynamic IP

(also dynamic IP address)

Dynamic IP definition

A dynamic IP is an IP address provided to a computing device or node when the device or node is connected to a network. A dynamic IP address, as opposed to a static IP address, is an address subjected to change regularly. The ISP assigns a dynamic IP address to a home network instead of a static IP. After set amount of time, the assigned IP address is returned to the pool and replaced with a new one.

Benefits of dynamic IP address:

  • Cost. A dynamic IP address is much more cost-effective than a static IP address. Most of the time, the cost of an ISP is lower because it is set up automatically.
  • Safety. Since dynamic IP constantly gives out new addresses, there is less risk when using it. It is harder for someone to try to break into your network. To avoid being tracked, you can also use extra security measures, like NordVPN.
  • Configuration. With dynamic IP addresses, the DHCP server handles all the configuration. The DHCP server will hand out IP addresses sequentially whenever that becomes necessary. Users have no control over settings.
  • Versatility. Dynamic IP addresses are more versatile to implement and have an easy setup and management. They can be reused whenever a device disconnects.
  • Number of devices. Each new device connected to a network with a dynamic IP receives a different address. A single IP address may be utilized multiple times. This eliminates the potential for address conflicts.

Limitations of dynamic IP address:

  • Hosting. Most DNS systems struggle with changeable IP addresses. Dynamic DNS services can fix this, but they cost more. Hosting websites or servers with changeable IP addresses is not recommended.
  • Reliability. Dynamic IP addresses are unreliable due to frequent shutdowns. Disconnection may result.
  • Monitoring. Dynamic IP addresses can’t track location. Dynamic IP addresses might interfere with geo-location services accessibility.
  • Remote access. Outside networks cannot access dynamic IP home networks. Remote access is harder due to IP address changes.

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