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Desktop as a Service

(also DaaS)

Desktop as a Service definition

Desktop as a Service is a cloud computing solution in which a provider delivers virtual desktops over the internet, typically on a subscription basis.

With DaaS, the provider handles the back-end responsibilities of data storage, backup, security, and upgrades, allowing users to access their desktop environments remotely from various devices through a secure internet connection.

See also: SECaas, VPNaaS, backup as a service, virtual desktop infrastructure

Usage of Daas

  • Remote Work. DaaS lets employees access their work desktops from anywhere.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). SMBs use DaaS to avoid the high upfront costs and in-house IT infrastructure maintenance requirements.
  • Seasonal businesses. Businesses with fluctuating staffing needs use DaaS for its ability to scale up or down without additional hardware quickly.
  • Education. Schools and universities use DaaS to provide students and faculty with access to educational resources and desktop environments without high-end computing equipment on campus.
  • Healthcare. DaaS facilitates secure and flexible access to medical applications and patient data.
  • Call centers. Call centers can adjust quickly to changing demand with DaaS.
  • Software development. Developers use DaaS environments to spin up or tear down development and testing environments quickly.