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Cracker definition

A cracker is a person who breaks into computer systems, often with malicious intent. Crackers often attempt to gain access to computer systems by guessing or cracking passwords, exploiting vulnerabilities in software or hardware, or using other means of circumventing security measures. Once they have gained access, they may use the system to steal sensitive data, launch attacks on other systems, or disrupt the operation of the system.

Cracker vs. hacker

The distinction between hackers and crackers is not always clear-cut, and some people use the terms interchangeably to refer to anyone who gains unauthorized access to computer systems. But the term ‘cracker’ is sometimes used to distinguish such malicious actors from the general term ‘hackers’, who don’t always have evil intentions.

Hackers are often programmers or technology enthusiasts who enjoy exploring and learning about computer systems and networks. Hackers often have a strong understanding of programming languages, cybersecurity, and various computational systems. They may use their skills to find and fix vulnerabilities in software and networks (white hat hackers), convey a political, religious, or ideological message or make a statement (red hat hackers), or perform illegal or criminal activities (black hat hackers).

Crackers, on the other hand, always have malicious intentions. So the term can be used interchangeably only with “black hat hackers.”

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