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Controlled cryptographic item (CCI)

Controlled cryptographic item (CCI) definition

Military or government agencies usually use controlled cryptographic items (CCI) to describe communication equipment associated with classified information and various encryption and decryption processes. These devices and technologies facilitate secure communication and data protection — for example, encryption tools, key generators, and authentication protocols.

See also: cryptographic key

Commonly used CCI fields:

  • Military communications: In the military, CCIs are used in radio satellite communications, as well as tactical data links, to ensure sensitive information is encrypted and protected from interception.
  • Government agencies: CCIs facilitate governmental departments by securing digital transmissions of classified information. Also, it is used for strategic planning, document encryption, and diplomatic communications.
  • Data transfer devices: Encrypted USB and hard drives, telephone units, and various portable media tools are considered CCIs and are successfully used in secure information transfer.