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How my Spotify got hacked

Tina’s advice to others

Activate two-factor authentication on everything.



Age 22, Norway, manual worker

The story

I was at my computer, and I noticed that Spotify started to play music. I thought that was weird and paused it, only for it to resume 5 seconds later. I quickly logged on to my Spotify account and clicked “Sign Out Everywhere.”

I changed my password and thought that would be the end of it. Logged back into the desktop Spotify client and started listening to music. After 5 minutes, the music stopped, and I noticed it had started playing something else. I contacted Spotify support ASAP to find out how this person was getting access to my account, and they pointed out that my Spotify account was linked to a PlayStation account.

So I fired up my Ps4, went to my account page and noticed that I had suddenly gotten (without me ever playing the game) very into Fortnite and had gotten a couple of new friends added to my friends’ list.

I changed my PlayStation password and got help with activating 2FA and had them log my account out of all devices.

Luckily they didn’t get access to my payment options as I make it a rule not to remember card details or the PayPal login. But I could have found myself in debt due to some person really wanting some Fortnite V-Bucks.

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Birdie H. · Age 32 · USA · specialist

No excuse for password reuse

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Samuel P. · Age 24 · USA · specialist

Don’t pay. Don’t reply.

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Marty · Age 64 · USA · retired

Watch out for fake customer support scams

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