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The best VPN for Fortnite

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Taking the world by storm

The #1 battle royale game

The popularity of Fortnite has exploded since its release. Featured in news articles, entertainment, and even briefly in Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame, Fortnite is the biggest brand to emerge in the gaming industry over the past few years.

No more interruptions

Here’s how a VPN can improve your gameplay experience by working around IP blocks.

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Does Fortnite ban IPs?

Pay attention to terms of service

Like a lot of online-only games, Fortnite can ban a player’s IP address. Epic Games may ban an IP seemingly for no reason, with their terms of service stating that they have the right to “terminate your access to all services for any or no reason”.

You’re too slow

One of the legitimate reasons for a ban can include playing with extremely high latency. If you lag too much in the game, that’s enough reason for an IP ban. A VPN is the solution to get around this issue. Here’s how it can help you experience Fortnite unblocked.

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Reduce your lag

No more throttling

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have a habit of throttling your bandwidth during high traffic hours. Thanks to VPN’s ability to mask your IP, it will completely mitigate this issue and provide you with next-level speed.

Servers around the world

Additionally, choosing to run your traffic through a server that’s geographically closer to one of Fortnite’s servers can reduce your ping. Due to Fortnite’s massive player base, there are servers located on all continents.

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Ignore IP bans

Just click a button

If you find that your IP gets banned again, it’s as simple as choosing a different server. Fortnite IP bans are only temporary. If you feel that your gaming performance is better from a server that has recently been banned, check back at a later time — it should be cleared to play Fortnite unblocked.

5400+ options

NordVPN has a large network of over 5400+ servers to choose from, so you’ll never run out of options.

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Navigate past geo-blocking

Bypass online censorship

If you live in an area notorious for heavy online censorship, using a VPN will make your online gaming experience possible. NordVPN’s servers are located in over 50 countries. To get around online restrictions, all you have to do is choose a server located in a Fortnite-friendly location.

Play wherever you want

The same technique can be used in locations that ban certain games or sites in an attempt to increase workplace or studying productivity. Just switch your VPN on, choose a server, and play a few games of Fortnite on your break before heading back to work.

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The best option to play unblocked

A plethora of servers means plenty of opportunities to continue playing uninterrupted. NordVPN’s servers are optimized to handle heavy traffic, which includes streaming and torrenting, making it the right fit for gamers who value expediency.

Want to enhance your gaming experience?

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