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Amazing Cyber Monday deals made safer

While you’re chasing the best Cyber Monday deals, hackers and snoops are chasing after your data. NordVPN encrypts your online traffic, leaving you free to safely hunt the best bargain.

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Pay less with our Cyber Monday VPN deal

Grab the 2-year plan with 68% OFF and get 3 months on top of your subscription. Save money for other purchases and make sure your Cyber Monday shopping is secure.

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Keep your shopping to yourself

Everyone wants to know what you’re doing online, from big data marketers to devious social engineers. Get a little privacy — do your Cyber Monday shopping in peace with NordVPN.

Why choose NordVPN?

quick connect

Quick Connect

One click, and you’re set. That’s all it takes to secure your Cyber Monday shopping experience with NordVPN.

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Strong encryption

NordVPN protects your connection with AES-256 encryption, which would take supercomputers billions of years to crack.

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Fastest VPN on the planet

Shop without slowing down. NordVPN boasts 5400+ servers worldwide and the game-changing NordLynx protocol for top speed.

online options

More online options

Expand your online world with secure access to streaming sites, online shops, and social media without censorship.

kill switch

Kill Switch

NordVPN’s Kill Switch protects you at all times, making sure your data doesn’t leak even when your connection is interrupted.


24/7 support

We can’t advise you on your Cyber Monday purchases, but we’ll sort out your problems with NordVPN at any time.

30-day money-back guarantee

If you’re worried about making an impulse purchase, we offer customers a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

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Black Friday: get 68% off + 3 months FREE

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