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VPN benefits to Small Business

vpn for small business

Small businesses have been popping up all over the world at a tremendous pace. In any area that one can see in today’s world, there are many small businesses that try to make a name for themselves and compete with the big guns. Some say they need to work harder and make the small investments count, as one wrong move can mean the difference between a great reputation and going out of business.

Ensuring the data security of a small business is essential, as losing valuable information about your business or compromising the data of your customers might have dire consequences. Securing the small business online data is key in today’s world. Here’s how to do it with a small investment.

Scenarios where Small Business Data can be breached

  1. Small business data can be compromised when using a remote office. Several entrepreneurs and small businesses work remotely at a cafe using free wifi. Open wifi networks hold several threats for data security.
  2. Hiring remote workers. Transmitting data online without proper precaution can too lead to data theft, or malicious software corrupting your computer, where key business information is stored.
  3. Customers often choose to visit a small business because of their access to free internet. If someone infects, sniffs or steals your customer data while using the unsecured wifi at your establishment, small business reputation can suffer.

Solution to all of these scenarios – a VPN service.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is an anonymizing security mechanism that helps one surf the internet in a safe and anonymous manner. VPNs connect one to their desired website through an encrypted tunnel. The connection is made via one of the VPN’s servers, so the user’s IP address is masked by the IP address of the server, thereby providing anonymity to the user.

The fact that all traffic is encrypted means that no one can phish out a user’s sensitive data while he shares it across the internet. All you need to do is connect to one of their servers and you are good to go. Good VPNs have many servers all over the world, making it easier for you to establish a connection at any given time.

How they can be helpful for small businesses

The hallmarks of a VPN service are security and anonymity. While anonymity is not the absolute necessity for business owners, big or small, security is. Small business owners need to constantly communicate with other small business owners or people working for them in far off locations. The internet is the preferred mode of communication, but one finds cases of data compromising every other day.

Since VPNs provide a secure communication channel, they provide an ideal service for small business owners looking to communicate with others in far off places. The encrypted connection makes it safer for business owners to share sensitive data about their business over the internet. It keeps the data confidential and safe from all prying eyes. Security for the system is also provided by some VPNs, making them an even more valuable service.

Choosing a VPN that best fits your need is essential to how positive the VPN turns out for you. The VPN you choose should:

  • Does not make it difficult for you to connect with the people you want to communicate with
  • Must not be difficult or complicated to use and manage by both sides
  • Use good encryption protocols.
  • Provide high-speed connections and unlimited bandwidth
  • Must offer connection to several devices under one account.

We believe NordVPN hits all these points with one of the strongest encryptions, focus on UX, great price point and offer to connect unto 6 devices under one account.

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