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NordLayer — the premium business VPN solution

Ensure secure access to your company network with NordLayer’s business VPN.

A man using a business VPN to improve his online security and privacy while working on his laptop.

What is a business VPN?

A business VPN (short for “virtual private network”) is a cybersecurity solution designed to protect access to networks from threats. Unlike consumer-grade VPNs, which are geared towards protecting individual users, a VPN for business allows your entire organization to safely access internal resources, safeguard cloud environments, work remotely, and steer clear of digital threats.

A man and woman working in the office while protected by a business VPN solution.

Another step toward online security

NordLayer began as NordVPN’s business VPN tool for organizations large and small. Formerly known as NordVPNTeams, it was launched in 2019 and supported three VPN protocols.

As the pandemic unfolded, NordLayer quickly became a virtual private network solution for organizations looking to protect their teams working remotely or in different settings. Soon, with the challenges of the new normal, NordLayer evolved into a comprehensive, secure remote access tool that goes beyond a traditional enterprise VPN.
A team of employees using a business VPN solution to safely collaborate on different devices.
A man high-fiving a woman holding a file with the NordLayer logo.
A man with multiple arms, each holding a different device protected by a business VPN solution.
A woman browsing on her work phone while protected by enterprise VPN security measures.

More than just a business VPN

NordLayer is not just a tool — it’s your organization’s cybersecurity partner. Securely access the internet, control network access policies, audit and segment your networks, create safe remote work opportunities, and ensure your organization complies with the latest security standards using our comprehensive business VPN solution.

Secure internet access

Our business VPN solution uses encryption to protect your online traffic, shields your employees by masking their IP address, and provides intuitive tools for online content filtering.

A woman working on a laptop from a remote location while connected to a secure VPN server.
A woman working on a laptop from a remote location while connected to a secure VPN server.

Network access management

Safely access hybrid resources, segment and control your network for security, and prevent unauthorized access over unsecured connections to your internal resources.

A man using NordLayer to safely access sensitive corporate resources on his laptop.
A man using NordLayer to safely access sensitive corporate resources on his laptop.

Regulatory compliance

NordLayer contains a suite of corporate VPN tools to help you meet your security obligations, including options to audit your network traffic and safely transfer sensitive data between sites.

Security Service Edge

Identify, prevent, respond. NordLayer’s Security Service Edge combines multiple business network security features to protect your resources, like FWaaS, CASB, SWG, and ZTNA.

Additional business security

Reinforce your enterprise VPN with other Nord Security business solutions. Protect your organization with the NordPass Business password manager and get up to 2 TB of encrypted cloud storage for each employee with NordLocker Business.

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