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Introducing NordLayer

Eliminate digital threats with a VPN for business.

Another step toward online safety

Our core goal is to make the internet a better and safer place for everyone. To do so, we had to first make sure our own company was secure too. And to achieve that, we used NordVPN internally. However, as our business grew, so did the need for more corporate-oriented features. We started adding more and more business solutions to NordVPN and eventually all of this evolved into a whole new product. That’s how NordLayer was born.

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Digital security for any company

It’s not only cybersecurity companies that need to protect their network. The number of cyberattacks on various organizations is rapidly growing and these attacks are also becoming more sophisticated than ever. From small companies to huge conglomerates, no one is immune to digital threats. That’s why we made sure that NordLayer is perfect for organizations of any size.

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Protection for your company data on the go

NordLayer provides a dedicated infrastructure that’s easy to use for you and your colleagues. It seamlessly integrates with your company’s existing platforms and protects every endpoint — computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. With a dedicated business VPN, your whole team can securely access company resources remotely, connect to any public Wi-Fi, and explore region-specific content.


Start protecting your business

We value your privacy

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