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NordVPN for tvOS: Release notes

Each update is more than just code — it’s a step towards a superior online experience on your TV. New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and a dash of digital elegance — that’s what you can expect from every new release of NordVPN for tvOS.

NordVPN for tvOS: Release notes

NordVPN 1.5

We’re always looking for ways to enhance your NordVPN experience, even with the smallest tweaks. Now if your internet connection drops, we’ll notify you right away, so you’re never left guessing.

NordVPN 1.4

A bunch of minor fixes and improvements for a smoother NordVPN app experience.

NordVPN 1.3

Now you can connect with precision to specific cities, right from the home view. Select your preferred city within a country, get connected, and you’re good to go.

NordVPN 1.2

We’ve made reconnecting effortless. Your most recent destinations are now neatly presented, ready to welcome you back.

NordVPN 1.1

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    Our loading screen now adapts to your dark or light mode choice, because your eyes deserve the comfort they crave.
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    Plus, we’ve squished a few minor bugs for an even smoother login journey.

NordVPN 1.0

Big news for your big screen! NordVPN has officially landed on tvOS. Now, you can effortlessly switch between our servers across the globe, enjoying an uninterrupted connection. Dive into a world of boundless TV experiences with NordVPN, where convenience meets security.