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Santa Claus also uses NordVPN

We’re proud to provide a VPN service that anyone in the world can use easily and effectively, but we can’t help but brag when someone really famous uses our service. That’s why we’d like to talk about one of our most legendary power-users – Mr. Santa Claus.

Santa Claus also uses NordVPN

At first, Mr. Claus wasn’t a big fan of VPNs. A big part of his job is to know when you are sleeping, know when you’re awake, and to know if you’ve been bad or good (he tracks what you do, so be good for goodness’ sake!). NordVPN’s encryption stops everyone from seeing your traffic (including Mr. Claus), which made his job more difficult.

However, when he realized how useful NordVPN could be for him, he loved it!

How Santa Claus uses NordVPN

  1. Hiding his location. Everyone knows Mr. Claus lives in the North Pole, but his exact location is still a closely guarded secret. He does a lot of online browsing (for reasons we’ll get to later), so if he left digital footprints all over the place, there would soon be curious tourists knocking on his door and disrupting the elf factory’s productivity. Fortunately, NordVPN lets him browse from any one of 110 supported countries in the world. (Editor’s note: NordVPN has a secret server reserved exclusively for Mr. Claus. Its location is private.)
  2. Shopping online It’s been a while since Mr. Claus’ elves made every single toy he delivers. Though they still manufacture millions of toys, many more must be ordered online, and that’s a job that Santa often takes care of personally. There are plenty of ways that NordVPN helps Santa when he’s shopping:
    • Bargain hunting: When you’re shopping for literally millions of people, any savings add up! Some retailers like to adjust their prices based on where someone is browsing from. With a VPN, Mr. Claus can compare prices to make sure he’s not paying more than he should.
    • Securing his data on public Wi-Fi: Running his operation is difficult, and Santa can sometimes forget one or two people on his nice list every year. If he realizes while delivering his gifts that he needs to buy more, he might use public Wi-Fi to do it. Public Wi-Fi is convenient, but it’s also one of the least secure ways to go online. To make sure his data never gets hacked when he makes a pit-stop, Mr. Claus uses NordVPN.
    • Avoiding ad tracking: Shopping online can bring you face-to-face with tons of ads and marketing cookies. Those trackers follow you around online, gather information about your habits and purchases, and target you with ads. This can get very annoying for a man who shops online for a sizeable portion of the world’s population. Not only does NordVPN’s encryption make it harder for trackers to track Mr. Claus, its Threat Protection feature helps block ads and malicious websites that often target online shoppers.
  3. Researching trends We only start thinking about the holidays when winter comes, but Mr. Claus has to do his research year-round. NordVPN is a useful tool for researching certain trends in other countries because it can change your apparent online location. When Santa needs to research popular gift trends for his nice lists in Norway (where he’s called Julenissen) or Argentina (Papá Noel), he can browse as if he’s located in those countries. That will give him new insights into what people in those countries might want from old Saint Nick.

Stay safe and secure this holiday season and spend it in the private company of the people you love most. Season’s greetings from the entire team at NordVPN!

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