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Introducing Presets for secure, VPN-protected shortcuts to apps and websites

Think about apps or websites you go to right after connecting to VPN. We bet there are more than just a few, and likely, you connect to different countries or server types before accessing different ones. Relatable? If so, read on – we’re making things easier by introducing Presets!

Introducing Presets for secure, VPN-protected shortcuts to apps and websites

The Presets feature has just landed on the NordVPN app for macOS. Its mission? Letting you launch websites and apps you use with VPN quicker.

What’s a preset?

A preset combines custom VPN connection settings with shortcuts to apps or websites. This combo gives you secure, VPN-protected access to your favorite online services directly from the NordVPN app.

You’ll find presets super handy if you use VPN differently for different services – e.g., news, entertainment, downloads, you name it.

Make presets work for you

Under the Presets section in Preferences, you’ll find a few ready-made ones: presets optimized for downloads, speed, or web browsing. These contain recommended VPN settings for the most common activities.

Treat these ready-made presets more as an example that gives you the look and feel of the feature. The real power of presets lies in their customization: create your own unique presets matching your online needs.

Find Presets under Preferences in the NordVPN app
Manage your presets from their section in Preferences.

To create a preset, choose a protocol, server country, and add up to 6 web links or apps. Name your preset – it will be displayed in the sidebar on the home screen.

The anatomy of a preset

  • success
    Preset name
  • success
    VPN protocol
  • success
    Specialty server and/or country
  • success
    Optional extra protection with Threat Protection
  • success
    Up to 6 links to apps or websites

The perks?

Set up once, use forever

The cool thing with presets is that you set them up once, and they will stay in the sidebar as long as you need them. It means secure and quick access to your favorite online services anytime!

Launch from the home screen

You can forget the usual ‘connect to VPN – open a browser – enter website URL’ flow. With Presets, it all goes down to clicking on a preset and your selected shortcut, all right here in the NordVPN app.

Presets with shortcuts in the sidebar – NordVPN app for macOS
Find your presets with links to apps and websites in the sidebar for quick, VPN-protected access.

Edit anytime

All your presets are editable, so you can tweak VPN connection preferences and add different apps or web links anytime.

Make your personal shortcut dashboard

Create different presets for your different online activities. Turn the home screen sidebar into your personal dashboard of secure shortcuts to your favorite online services.

Try Presets now

Ready to create your first preset? Update the NordVPN macOS app to the latest version and start exploring Presets. We’re excited, and we hope you are too!

Don’t have the NordVPN app yet? Get it now.