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Our commitment to the VPN Trust Seal accreditation program

In the realm of digital security, trust is paramount. However, sometimes it is hard to figure out which product or service is reliable and which one does not meet the criteria required to protect users’ digital environment. Therefore, today we are happy to announce our accreditation under the newly launched VPN Trust Seal program, initiated by the Internet Infrastructure Coalition’s (i2Coalition) VPN Trust Initiative (VTI). This accreditation is a testament to NordVPN’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of privacy, security, and transparency, ensuring a robust digital experience for our users.

Our commitment to the VPN Trust Seal accreditation program

In 2020, NordVPN, together with the i2Coalition and other founding members, introduced the VPN Trust Initiative, establishing a solid baseline on how virtual private network (VPN) providers should operate to foster a safer and more trustworthy internet ecosystem. The recent launch of the VPN Trust Seal accreditation program is a significant milestone on this journey, a natural step forward, and one that puts emphasis on the companies that adhere to the best practices within the VPN industry.

The accreditation manifests that NordVPN lives up to the principles outlined by the VPN Trust Seal in five pivotal areas: security, advertising practices, privacy, disclosure and transparency, and social responsibility. These principles ensure a robust framework, offering practical policy guidelines for VPN providers, and clear criteria for policymakers, regulators, and users for evaluating VPN technologies.

While the accreditation is a monumental step towards a more secure and transparent VPN industry, it’s merely the inception of a long-term effort. We at NordVPN are dedicated to not only adhering to these best practices but to actively engaging in propelling the industry forward.

The detailed criteria for the accreditation can be explored in the VTI Principles document, which showcases a set of best practices that VPN providers like NordVPN are committed to.

In this digital epoch, aligning with ethical practices and gaining trust is not a choice but a necessity. For us, the VPN Trust Seal is not just an accreditation but a commitment to our users to continue following the best practices and set new standards.