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NordVPN receives ioXt certification

NordVPN is pleased to announce that our android app now has ioXt certification. Our compliance with ioXt security standards underlines NordVPN’s commitment to openness and transparency.

NordVPN receives ioXt certification

The ioXt Alliance is a collective of cybersecurity labs, with collaboration from entities like Google, Amazon, and the VPN Trust Initiative. Their ultimate purpose is to advance security for the IoT (Internet of Things) industry, helping consumers stay informed and making companies more accountable.

What is IoT security?

The IoT is an interconnected ecosystem of “smart” devices, which can communicate with each other and share information. Almost any connected hardware can be an IoT device — a smart fridge, a wearable fitbit, or even a car with an internet link. IoT devices are widely used, even if the terminology is still new to many people.

While IoT tech is incredibly useful, it can also leave users vulnerable to cyberattacks and data theft. If you have an unsecured IoT device — an internet-enabled camera on your porch, for example — bad actors could steal your information and hijack the device.

Take a minute to think about how many of these devices you have lying around your own home. Can you say with confidence that they’re all protected and secured against hackers? That’s the point of the ioXt certification. With the ioXt stamp of approval, you’re guaranteed that the device is secure.

NordVPN and the ioXt Alliance

“NordVPN is happy to be a part of the ioXt Alliance,” said Vykintas Maknickas, Product Strategist at NordVPN. “We believe that the approach ioXt is taking will lead to a more private, transparent, and secure digital environment.

“The goal to create a compliance mechanism that covers almost every aspect of internet-connected devices is ambitious. However, if adopted by the mainstream, it will create a new concept — a distinguishable market built around secure things and services, ranging from VPN software to a lightbulb, which will greatly benefit consumers and businesses alike.

“ioXt creates a straightforward and easy-to-follow compliance mechanism, which we hope will result in more security-conscious companies joining the alliance.”

A new industry security standard

The ioXt Alliance’s goal is industry-wide compliance with their security and privacy regulations. NordVPN is glad to be part of that initiative, both as a partner and a certified product holder.

The VPN Trust Initiative, working in tandem with the testing and certifications from ioXt, can help preserve the integrity of VPN services. The ioXt certification helps to maintain the trust and goodwill established with existing customers, while also reassuring potential users that their data will be safe if they choose the certified service.

Brad Ree, ioXt Alliance CTO, has emphasized the importance of users’ trust in the VPN industry:

“Consumers count on their VPN to protect their data and identity. The ioXt Alliance certification program provides the confidence and transparency needed for consumers to make informed decisions when picking a VPN.”

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