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NordVPN presents: NordLabs — innovation in action

NordVPN presents its latest venture, NordLabs, a platform for tech innovations, and invites you to shape the tech future together.

NordVPN presents: NordLabs — innovation in action

What is NordLabs?

NordLabs is a platform for experimental projects and cutting-edge innovations. It’s a space for NordVPN’s engineers and software developers to unleash their creativity and experiment with the latest technologies.

Our success in providing our users with a robust VPN service inspired our team to explore other emerging technologies, including machine learning and AI. These technologies hold much promise, but they also present new challenges. NordLabs’ mission is to stay one step ahead and develop innovative tools and services that address these challenges and offer more digital confidence.

At NordVPN, we see our users’ increasing interest in the development of the latest cybertech. So another reason we created NordLabs is to invite you to participate in the creation process of new products.

Join the NordLabs waitlist and be the first to try our experimental products. These products are still in the developmental stage, so they may need further improvement. You are invited to test these new tools, enjoy their benefits for free, and share your feedback to help our team make them ready for mainstream use. The first tools will be released for testing as early as September.

NordLabs’ first projects: AI phishing assistant and Pixray

The first two tools NordLabs presents for you to try and test are AI phishing assistant and Pixray.

AI phishing assistant

AI technology is becoming more advanced by the day, allowing cybercriminals to develop even more elaborate phishing scams. This is where project AI phishing assistant comes in and tries to beat them to the punch. This security tool is a browser extension that helps you detect phishing emails.

Once you install it, request AI phishing assistant to scan your emails. It will let you know how likely it is they are phishing scams. It also explains which aspects of the email determined its decision and what signs you should look out for in the future.


AI-driven image generation platforms are now available for casual and professional use. With AI tools becoming widely accessible, it might be difficult to tell AI-generated images from those created by a person. Remember the fake image of the famous clergyman wearing the white puffer jacket? Did you believe it was real? Don’t be fooled by fake news again — our Pixray tool detects if an image was generated with AI and informs you.

All you need to do is upload the image to Pixray. In seconds, it will tell you if the image was created using AI or through traditional means. Having detected AI, Pixray may even show you the prompts used to generate the image.

Exclusive access

If you’re excited about tech and eager to take part in the development of NordLabs’ innovations, join the NordLabs waitlist and receive exclusive access to our products. By putting your email down on the waitlist, you’ll receive an invitation to test our experimental tools and share your feedback to help us decide which tools to develop further. These tools are still at an early developmental stage, so you might encounter flaws and false positives. Let us know which aspects of the tools we need to fix or work on.

Steer clear of phishing scams with AI phishing assistant and detect machine-generated images with Pixray. Sign up for the waitlist and test our products before they hit the market. Join us in our mission to create cutting-edge innovations for a better online experience for all.