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Third-party logins come to Nord Account

Nobody wants to juggle passwords every day just to keep their online security running. That’s why Nord Account is so great — you get safe access to all your Nord security tools with just one set of credentials. And now, the system has become even more convenient. You can now log into Nord Account using your existing Google credentials.

Third-party logins come to Nord Account

What is third-party authentication?

Put simply, third-party authentication (also known as a third-party login) lets you access services using another account’s credentials. Instead of going through the account creation process and cooking up a unique password, you just punch in your existing third-party credentials and skip straight to the action.

Since almost everyone already has some form of social network account, third-party logins eliminate the need for keeping track of multiple credentials. Mind you, you’re not actually handing over your Google login details to another website — the authentication takes place off-site, keeping your main account safe.

How to sign up using third-party authentication

Open any Nord app (such as NordVPN) and click “Create Account.” At the bottom of the Create Nord Account screen, click “Sign up with Google.” Select the Google account you wish to link and complete the authentication process.

How to link an existing Nord Account to third-party authentication

If you use the same email for the third-party site and Nord Account:

  • Open any Nord app and click “Log In.” At the bottom of the next screen, click “Sign in with Google.” Select the account you wish to link and complete the authentication process. Your accounts will be automatically linked. You can unlink them in the Account preferences section of your Nord Account.

If you use different emails for the third-party site and Nord Account:

  • Log in to your Nord Account with your regular credentials. Click on your email address in the top-right corner of your Nord Account dashboard and select “Account preferences.” Under Connected accounts, click “+ Connect” next to Google. Select the account you wish to link and complete the authentication process. When prompted to confirm the account, press “Continue” to complete the link.

Should I use third-party authentication?

Third-party logins make life easier for both new and existing Nord Account users. If you’re new, logging in with Google skips most of the account creation paperwork and gets you using your Nord security tools that much faster. If you already use Nord Account, third-party authentication provides a much-easier alternative to accessing your security hub.

However, convenience does have a cost. By letting third parties authenticate your login, you become vulnerable to their data practices. If Google’s databases get breached, everything linked to your Google credentials is exposed until you secure your account. And if it wanted to, the third party could theoretically piggy-back on your login session to access your account.

Of course, both these risks are minuscule. While Google has come under fire for some privacy abuses, it takes the security side of things very seriously. The choice to use third-party authentication is ultimately yours — your old Nord Account password will work just fine if you prefer it.

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