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NordVPN is Atlético de Madrid’s new official sponsor

NordVPN has excellent news to announce: It is the new official sponsor of Atlético de Madrid. The football team and NordVPN will work together to protect the club’s fans online.

NordVPN is Atlético de Madrid’s new official sponsor

El Atlético de Madrid is one of the oldest football clubs in Spain. Specifically, it has been shooting goals since 1903. It has a significant record of victories, and fans celebrate the names of players and coaches who have contributed to the team’s success throughout its history. Therefore, it is an honor for NordVPN to join the team. From now on, while Atleti protects its goalpost and attacks the opposing team, NordVPN will take care of fans’ online privacy and security.

Thanks to this partnership, it will be easier to spread the word about the importance of cybersecurity and how it has become a necessity. We will celebrate every goal and signing this season, but we also strive to raise awareness among the fans in the stands that internet privacy and security are crucial. We believe that our partnership with Atlético de Madrid will help make the internet a safer space.

We would also like to share the words of Íñigo Aznar, director of the commercial department of Atlético de Madrid, who said: “We are delighted to have NordVPN as a sponsor of the club. We trust in brands that are committed to innovation and security and that never stop exploring new horizons. Brands like NordVPN share values that we identify with, such as effort and struggle, as well as the ambition to grow globally.”

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