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How to delete your Pokémon Go account

Lewis Lambert Fox

Lewis Lambert Fox

Dec 10, 2017 · 4 min read

How to delete your Pokémon Go account

Had enough of chasing Pokémons and decided to delete your Pokémon Go profile? Depending on how
determined you are, there are two options for doing that: you can either uninstall the app from
your phone or get rid of your account once and for all.

Note that removing the app doesn’t delete your profile and you can come back anytime, which is
good if you want to take a short break from the game. However, if you don’t feel like playing it
ever again, follow the steps to permanently delete your Pokémon Go account.

Pokémon Go: the price of fun

More than a year ago, Pokémon Go hit the mobile world by the storm and quickly became an
astonishing success, bringing millions of people out of their homes for a Pokémon hunt.
Unfortunately, soon after the Pokémon craze had reached the peak, privacy-concerned users started
finding issues with the popular app; some of them appeared to be more serious than others. The{‘ ‘}

stories emerging
{‘ ‘}
through various media channels ranged from funny to tragic: Pokémons were captured in funerals,
toilets, hospitals, churches, even courts, and frontlines. Reports of traffic accidents,
robberies,{‘ ‘}

{‘ ‘}
involving distracted players were popping up as users were wandering the world trying to catch
them all. With so many people staring at their smartphones, it’s no surprise that a few cyber
criminals also joined the game. As eager Pokémon trainers were anticipating for the app to be made
available in their country, several look-alike apps and apps promising to fake one’s GPS location
to access the game appeared. In fact, these were often scams looking to lure eager fans and
targeting their private info. The popular augmented reality app was also strongly criticised for
the player information to which it requests access. Apparently, gamers who have been using their
Google details to sign in, have been granting the game ”

full access to their Google accounts

” without knowing that. Even though Niantic has officially stated that “requesting a full access
was a bug,” this sparked more privacy concerns, making users finally read those privacy policies
they usually skip.

While you’re tracking Pokémons, the app is tracking you

Since Pokémon Go is a location-based game, it’s no surprise that the app collects information
about your exact whereabouts when you are playing and also has access to your camera. Besides,
there’s plenty of other personal information that the app collects from you:

  • Your account details: your name and surname, date of birth, your Google
    and/or Facebook email address. If you want to create an account for your child, you will have
    to provide more additional information, such as your address as well as first and last digits
    of your social security number.
  • Usage information: Pokémon Go has the right to monitor all your in-game
    actions, including the messages you have sent to other players. Also, Pokémon Go collects the
    following information: your IP (Internet Protocol) address, browser type, the operating system
    of your device and it can even see what website you were visiting before accessing the app.
  • Your device information: Pokémon Go uses certain identifiers to gather
    information about what device you are using and what other applications you have on your

Once you hand over access to your phone, the company has the right to share all the data they
collect from you with third parties. And yes, all this is stated in their Terms and Conditions,
but who reads them, right?

Delete your Pokémon Go account in 5 easy steps

If you are concerned about your privacy or simply no longer feel like chasing after those little
beasts, here’s how to ditch Pokémon Go. Chances are, you deleted the app long ago, but to erase
all the information associated with your account, you have to do more than that. Deleting your
account is quite simple, but Pokémon Go doesn’t let you do it from within the app. Instead, you
have to go to Niantic’s website and fill out an account deletion request form. But before you do
this, there are some things you should know:

  • Even when you fill and submit the application, your account isn’t gone yet. According to
    Niantic, it may take “

    several weeks to process your request

  • After your request is approved, your Pokémon Go account and all associated game information
    will be erased permanently.
  • Once it’s done, it’s done. You won’t be able to cancel or reverse your request.
  • If you ever want to play Pokémon Go again, you won’t be able to use the same email or nickname
    once you delete your profile.

Ready set go: let’s get rid of your Pokémon account

Follow these simple steps to leave the Pokémon world permanently:
Step 1. Access the{‘ ‘}

deletion form
{‘ ‘}
on the official Pokémon Go support website.

Pokemon GO deletion form

Step 2. Fill out the deletion form. You will be asked to enter your email and the
nickname of the account you are about to delete and check all the three boxes, indicating you
really understand what you’re doing. If you are deleting your child’s account, don’t forget to
check the first box.

Pokemon GO deletion form checkboxes

Step 3. Verify that you are not a robot or a Pokémon and click Submit if you are
ready to quit the game.

Pokemon GO deletion form - verification

And here comes the tricky moment. After submitting the form, you won’t receive any notification
stating your request was successfully sent. Instead, you will find yourself at the Pokémon Go
support page. Don’t be mistaken – it’s not over yet and there are two steps left.
Step 4. Check your email and open the message from Pokémon Go. The message states
that this is the final step and there’s still a chance for you to change your mind.
Step 5. To complete deleting your account, reply to the email with the code that
has been sent to you. Congrats! Your request will now be taken into consideration, and you can
expect your account and all the associated data gone within a few weeks.