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New servers in a new continent — Antarctica!

If there ever was a chink in NordVPN’s armor, it was Antarctica, the icy land of penguins and scientists. We had no servers on the coolest (literally and metaphorically) continent. Our users demanded that we fix this — and we did!

New servers in a new continent — Antarctica!

Cold-resistant 10Gbps servers in Antarctica

What’s the point of having a VPN if you can’t change your virtual location to the South Shetland Islands? Ask no more; the servers in Antarctica are already working at full capacity. Buried deep underground and covered in a cold-resistant coating of silicone, they give a new meaning to the words “remote server.”

Connect with a click, access Antarctican content, and enjoy the new possibilities!

(Thanks for playing along with the prank. No penguins just yet. But hey, never say never.)

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