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Expand your business with award-winning Nord Security consumer products

We offer tailored solutions for distributors, ISPs, telcos, and service providers — including support for integrating Nord products into your existing platform and processes.

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Why choose Nord Security as your partner?

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Become a Partner

Available products


The world’s leading VPN with powerful anti-malware features. Your customers will be able to secure their internet traffic, change their virtual location, detect malware in downloads, block intrusive ads, and stop trackers. NordVPN is designed for the mainstream audience — anyone can use it. It’s the fastest VPN on the planet with over 6300 servers in 111 countries.

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NordPass is a password manager designed with security and simplicity in mind. It offers a full range of features for effortless everyday password management and comes with top-notch security. NordPass stores login credentials, secure notes, and credit card details in a secure vault that customers can easily access with a single Master Password.

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NordLocker is a secure cloud with local file encryption capabilities. NordLocker prevents unauthorized access to anything your customers store, share, or use on the go — and thanks to end-to-end encryption, nobody else (not even us) knows what’s stored in their vault. NordLocker works via a simple drag-and-drop interface and can be accessed from desktops, mobiles, or web browsers.

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NordVPN + NordPass

NordVPN Plus

NordVPN and NordPass work in tandem to provide essential cybersecurity to your customers. NordVPN secures the user’s devices against online threats thanks to next-generation encryption and the Threat Protection feature. At the same time, NordPass helps protect their accounts with strong passwords and alerts users if their credentials or card details have appeared in a data breach.

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NordVPN + NordPass + NordLocker

NordVPN Complete

The cybersecurity package for users looking for a comprehensive security solution. It lets them browse securely, protects their passwords, and keeps sensitive data in an encrypted cloud. The version of NordLocker included in NordVPN Complete comes with 1 TB of secure cloud storage.

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Benefits tailored to your needs

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Add popular, widely supported cybersecurity products to your shelves — in digital or boxed form. We’ll coordinate promotional campaigns with you and discuss exclusive promotional activities.

For Nord product distributors, we offer:

  • Powerful, intuitive cybersecurity for your customers.
  • Full end-customer support after the sale.
  • Healthy sales margins and incentive programs.
  • Exclusive promotional programs for partners.
  • A dedicated account manager to support you along the way.

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Service providers

Open up new revenue streams by offering NordVPN as a service. Our program caters to a wide range of service providers, including telcos, ISPs, consumer services, API partners, neobanks, integrators, and insurance.

You can up-sell to existing customers, bundle the products with other services, or expand your overall offering — we’ll help you seamlessly integrate Nord Security products into your business.

For service providers, we offer:

  • Powerful, intuitive cybersecurity products for your customers.
  • An API solution that is straightforward and effortless to implement.
  • More recurring revenue streams.
  • Various bundle opportunities: soft and hard bundles, cross-sell.
  • A dedicated account manager, technical team support, and 24/7 troubleshooting.
  • Regular business reviews to ensure future success.
  • Co-branded sales collateral.
  • Nord product updates and announcements.

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Business VPN

If you’re in search of a business VPN solution for your own company or for resale purposes, look no further than NordLayer. Developed by Nord Security with NordVPN — the world’s leading VPN — at its core, NordLayer is a scalable network access solution that easily integrates into your clients’ existing platforms to improve endpoint protection, network security, and access management options.

NordLayer is the perfect product for managed security service providers (MSP), resellers, B2B distributors, or agents.


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