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Expand your business with the world’s leading VPN

The online world is changing — and so are your customers’ needs. Take advantage of the growing demand for cybersecurity with our award-winning VPN. We offer tailored solutions to distributors, retailers, VARs, and MS(S)Ps, including support for integrating Nord Security products into your existing platform and processes.

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Why choose NordVPN as your partner?

Global brand recognition

Over 14 million people trust Nord Security to keep them safe every day. Our products, research, and initiatives have been praised by experts and cited by the largest media channels. Stand out from competition by partnering with a recognized leader in the cybersecurity field.

Not just a VPN — a full cybersec suite

NordVPN goes above and beyond what is expected of commercial VPNs. In addition to protecting user privacy and stopping many cyber attacks, NordVPN offers a comprehensive Threat Protection feature — an easy way to block malware, ads, web trackers, and more.

Full support for your sales

As part of the NordVPN reseller program, you will get a dedicated account manager, training, full sales support, any marketing materials you need, and a convenient way to manage your NordVPN licenses. We’ll also be available 24/7 to help you with any issue.

Seamless integration, even for physical stores

NordVPN is supported on all major platforms (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux), can be downloaded in all popular app stores, and is even sold in physical retail boxes. Whatever your business platform, we’ll help make NordVPN a part of your offer.

Benefits tailored to your needs

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Add a popular, widely-supported cybersecurity product to your shelves — whether in digital or boxed form. We are happy to coordinate promotional campaigns with our partners, including discussing exclusive promotional activities.

For NordVPN distributors, we offer:

  • Powerful, intuitive cybersecurity for your customers
  • Full end customer support after the sale
  • Healthy sales margins
  • Exclusive promotional programs for partners
  • Access to promotion calendars and rebates

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Your sale, our responsibility. And to help you make that sale, we’re ready to provide you with 1-on-1 support session, training, marketing assets and ongoing assistance, so that onboarding your clients would be a breeze.

For NordVPN resellers, we offer:

  • Powerful, intuitive cybersecurity for your customers
  • Full end customer support after the sale
  • Healthy sales margins
  • Regular 1-on-1 sales support to help your growth
  • Training, marketing assets, and 24/7 troubleshooting

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Integrators/API partners

Open up new revenue streams by offering NordVPN as a service. We’ll help you seamlessly integrate Nord Security products into your business — you choose whether you want to up-sell to existing customers, bundle them with other services, or simply expand your range.

For NordVPN integrators, we offer:

  • Powerful, intuitive cybersecurity for your customers
  • Full control over CRM — your customers, our users
  • More recurring revenue streams
  • Dedicated account manager and tech support
  • Bundle opportunities — add NordVPN to your offer


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