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The best VPN for XCOM 2

No restrictions. Worldwide access. Lightning speeds.

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Easy setup via your PC, Mac, or router

Want to play XCOM2 from anywhere in the world without any interruptions? Use NordVPN, protect yourself from DDoS attacks and get the best gaming experience.

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Enjoy XCOM 2 with a VPN

Access online gaming from anywhere

If you frequently travel abroad, it might be tricky to access your favorite games. Immerse yourself in XCOM 2 with no interruptions and delays. Just hop on one of NordVPN’s servers and start playing right away.

It takes only a couple of clicks to connect to your preferred server and improve your gaming experience anywhere, anytime.

Easy start

Setting up a VPN for XCOM2 and starting your online adventure is simple. You can get a NordVPN app for Mac or PC and enjoy secure gaming. If you play on consoles like Xbox or Playstation, just set up NordVPN on your router. It only takes a couple minutes to set up NordVPN, but once you do you will immediately feel its benefits.

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Lightning-fast connection

Enjoy blazing speeds

NordVPN is the fastest VPN for XCOM 2 in the industry. Forget about the slow connection and unbearable latency that cause headaches for many players. Our latest NordLynx technology built around WireGuard provides top speeds and ultimate security.

Rich server base

NordVPN has more than 5100 servers in 60 countries, making your gaming experience as smooth as possible. Even if aliens show up to attack the Earth, you will stand your ground with XCOM 2 VPN. Choose any server you like and make the best of NordVPN’s infrastructure.

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Play safe

Avoid DDoS attacks

Some sore losers might try to gain a competitive edge in XCOM 2 by launching a DDoS attack on you. This can clog your network, slow down the internet connection, and cause bad response time. When you’re connected to a NordVPN server, your real IP is invisible, so nobody can attack you and ruin your gaming experience.

Protect your traffic

NordVPN encrypts your internet traffic, providing you with an invisibility cloak against hackers, snoopers, and your ISP. If you often connect to public Wi-Fi, having a VPN enabled is a must. Otherwise, how else will you fight the bad guys and protect yourself? XCOM 2 VPN is a simple yet powerful solution to enhance your security and improve your privacy.

Improve your gaming experience with NordVPN

success30-day money-back guarantee