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The safest multiplayer experience

The ultimate gaming experience on mobile

Mobile versions of games allow players to experience stripped down versions of their favorites. NordVPN’s mobile app keeps you protected while you play — no matter where you are.

No more restrictions

NordVPN’s servers provide a strong, fast and secure connection — you’ll have smooth gaming sessions everywhere you go.

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How to play it on Mobile safely

Have a safe connection

Before you start your game, connect to a VPN. It will encrypt your connection with state-of-the-art algorithms, and you’ll be able to enjoy safe online gaming both at home and on public Wi-Fi.

Avoid DDoS attacks

NordVPN will protect you from DDoS attacks by hiding your IP address. This way, no one will be able to overwhelm your network and slow you down.

NordVPN is the best for gaming on mobile

Uninterrupted gaming

With its next-level performance, NordVPN provides the best way to experience mobile gaming. It conceals your activity online, reducing the chance of an ISP throttling your connections based on what you’re up to.

Play on the go

A subscription to NordVPN will let you connect up to 10 devices, including your Android phone or tablet. You’ll be able to play the mobile versions of your favourite games on the move, so long as you’re connected and protected with the NordVPN app.

NordVPN handles heavy traffic while streaming or gaming

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30-day money-back guarantee