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The best VPN for battle royale

DDoS protection. Secure gaming. Lightning speeds.

30-day money-back guarantee
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Easy setup on your PC, Mac, or router

No need to hunt for the best VPN server for your next match. Simply press Quick Connect on the NordVPN app, and our smart algorithm will match you with what you need.

Secure gaming with a VPN

Safe gaming over public Wi-Fi

Join millions of players around the world from the comfort of your gaming cafe, hotel room, or airport. NordVPN will keep hackers lurking on public Wi-Fi networks out of the action, letting you get kills without giving your data in return.

Keep DDoS attackers in the dark

Lag puts you in a body bag. Without protection from DDoS, battle royale games can quickly turn into a nightmare. Don’t let others farm you for kills — connect to NordVPN and let our server’s defenses absorb any attack against you. And if you’re still lagging, simply hop over to another one of our 6300+ servers and keep playing.

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Safe when you play, safe when you browse

Encrypt your traffic

NordVPN uses powerful AES-256 encryption to protect you from snoops. Once your data is encrypted, it doesn’t matter if anyone intercepts it — they won’t be able to tell what you’re doing or where you are. And decrypting it without the proper key would take supercomputers billions of years — literally.

Easily protect all your devices

Why limit security to just one game? Setting up NordVPN is simple — we offer intuitive apps for Mac and PC, as well as detailed tutorials for installing NordVPN on your router to secure your Xbox, Playstation, or Switch.

Lightning-fast connection

Fastest VPN on the planet

Stay safe online without slowing down, no matter which game server you play on. Thanks to NordLynx (our revolutionary VPN protocol based on WireGuard) and advanced network infrastructure, NordVPN boasts VPN connection speeds up to 2x faster than other VPNs on the market.

Optimized servers

Afraid IRL security hiccups will cost you in-game kills? Don’t worry. With more than 6300 ultra-fast servers in 111 countries, the NordVPN network can efficiently distribute server loads to keep your VPN connection fast and stable.

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hero apex legends

Optimize your gaming with NordVPN risk-free

30-day money-back guarantee

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