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Zeus virus

(also Zeus trojan, Zeus bot, Zbot)

Zeus virus definition

The Zeus virus is malicious software, designed to steal banking data through Windows devices. The Zeus virus has affected millions of devices, becoming one of the most successful pieces of malware ever created. It works by monitoring users’ actions online, recognizing banking websites, and recording the keystrokes used to log in.

Real Zeus virus examples

The Zeus virus was first detected in 2007 at the US Department of Transportation. A few employees were tricked into clicking on fake job ads and links in phishing emails.

In 2009, the Zeus virus infiltrated Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing service. It gained access to a website on Amazon’s servers, connected to the cloud, and took control. It allowed the hacker to command the entire network.

Stopping the Zeus virus

  • Don’t click suspicious ads, links, or attachments.
  • Use NordVPN’s Threat Protection feature to scan your downloaded files for malware.