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WMN network

WMN network

(also wireless mesh network)

WMN network definition

A wireless network where data is transmitted using mesh networking techniques. In this setup, each node can act as a relay for other nodes and collaborate with them to propagate data throughout the network. As a result, the more nodes are active, the more bandwidth is available — it scales automatically with the size of the network.

Wireless mesh radio networks were originally used by the military to maintain communications even in emergency situations. Wireless mesh networks are resilient — even if a node drops off the network, the rest are still interconnected and able to communicate.

Real WMN network use cases

  • Smart home devices support wireless mesh networking, letting them share data and coordinate actions in the household.
  • Smart meters automatically transfer readings to each other until the data reaches the central office. This lets public utility companies bill clients without having to manually check meters or connect them to a separate network.
  • Military forces can use wireless mesh networks to connect devices in field operations.

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