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Wireless application service provider

(also WASP)

Wireless application service provider definition

Wireless application service providers (WASPs) are companies that help businesses offer mobile services (e.g., texting, payments, and content delivery) to users. They handle technical aspects, billing, and regulations, making it easier for businesses to engage with mobile customers. A WASP is essentially a vendor that provides companies with hosted wireless applications so they don’t have to build their own wireless infrastructure.

How wireless application service providers work

  • WASPs offer various mobile services to businesses, including SMS messaging and mobile payments.
  • When a business wants to offer a texting service (e.g., order updates or appointment reminders), it partners with a wireless application service provider.
  • If customers have opted in to receive these services (e.g., appointment reminders) via text, the WASP delivers them.
  • The business pays the wireless application service provider for the service.

WASP use cases

  • Medical clinic reminders. A medical clinic may use a WASP to send text reminders to customers about upcoming appointments.
  • Mobile voting. A political campaign may partner with a WASP to run mobile voting for a more convenient experience.
  • Text to donate. Nonprofit organizations use WASPs to enable supporters to make donations via text messages.
  • Emergency alerts. Local government agencies may use WASPs to send residents emergency alerts and evacuation notices during natural disasters or emergencies.