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(also web page)

Web page definition

A web page is a hypertext document or information resource on the World Wide Web that can be accessed through the internet. It consists of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code and can contain text, images, videos, and links to other web pages. A website can consist of a number of web pages all linked together under a single domain name. Web pages are delivered to the user by a web server and can be viewed through a web browser.

How does a web page work?

  • 1. A user enters a URL in their web browser and sends a request to the server where the web page is stored.
  • 2. The server receives the request, retrieves the files that make up the web page, and sends them back to the user’s browser.
  • 3. The browser renders the files to display the web page to the user. The JavaScript code on the page can interact with the user and the server, allowing for dynamic content and functionality like animations or real-time updates.
  • 4. If the user interacts with the page by clicking a link or submitting a form, the browser sends a new request to the server with the updated information.
  • 5. The server processes the request, retrieves the updated information, and sends it back to the browser to be displayed to the user.

This process happens quickly and seamlessly, allowing the user to interact with the web page in real time. The client-server communication is carried out through the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which is the underlying protocol used for exchanging data over the internet.,

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