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Web-based application

Web-based application

Web-based application definition

A web-based application refers to a software application that runs on a web server, as opposed to software that runs locally on a device’s operating system. Users access web-based applications through a web browser using an internet connection.

See also: web server, application client

Web-based application examples

  1. Email clients. Email clients such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail often operate as web apps, allowing users to access their emails through a web browser without the need to download or install any software on their devices.
  2. Social media platforms. Even though users can have these apps installed on their device, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter function as web apps. By simply visiting a specific website, users can engage with their social networks from any device that’s connected to the internet and equipped with a web browser. The ease of access and universal compatibility of these web-based platforms contribute to their widespread use and popularity.
  3. E-commerce Websites. E-commerce platforms, like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, operate as web apps. They allow users to browse products, read reviews, and make purchases directly through a web browser.
  4. Streaming services. Streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube allow their users to watch movies, listen to music, or stream videos directly through a web browser without the need to have free storage on their device.

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