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vRealize automation

(also vRA)

vRealize automation definition

vRealize automation (vRA) is a cloud automation tool developed by VMware that enables IT administrators to create, deploy, and manage multi-cloud infrastructure and applications. By providing a self-service catalog and policy-based governance, vRA streamlines the delivery of IT services while ensuring compliance with organizational policies. It simplifies the management of complex, heterogeneous environments, allowing for better utilization of resources and quicker delivery of applications and services.

vRealize automation examples

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): vRA can automate the provisioning of virtual machines, storage, and networks, reducing the time and effort required by IT teams.
  • Multi-cloud management: vRA enables organizations to manage resources across private, public, and hybrid clouds, ensuring consistent and efficient operations.
  • Application delivery: vRA can automate the deployment and management of multi-tier applications, reducing the complexity and time required to deliver new services.

Comparing vRealize automation to other cloud management tools

vRA is often compared to other cloud management platforms like OpenStack, Red Hat CloudForms, and Microsoft Azure Stack. While each of these tools offers its own set of features and capabilities, vRA stands out due to its deep integration with VMware products and its ability to manage multi-cloud environments.

Pros and cons of vRealize automation


  • Streamlines IT service delivery.
  • Enhances visibility and control over the multi-cloud infrastructure.
  • Simplifies application deployment and management.
  • Reduces operational costs by automating tasks.


  • Steeper learning curve for non-VMware users.
  • Licensing costs can be high for some organizations.

Tips for using vRealize automation

  • Leverage vRA's integration with VMware products to maximize your existing investments.
  • Utilize the self-service catalog to empower users while maintaining control over resource usage.
  • Monitor and optimize your multi-cloud environment using vRA's analytics and reporting capabilities.