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Vishing definition

Vishing is a social engineering attack similar to phishing that uses deception and plays with the victim’s emotions – like fear, greed, or sense of urgency – to get personal information out of them. But unlike other phishing attacks, vishing scams only use phone calls and Voice over IP (VoIP) technology such as Skype and similar platforms.

Vishing examples

  • In telemarketing or enterprise fraud, vishers will pretend to be calling from a legitimate company with a fake offer like car insurance and offer to extend your insurance in exchange for personal data or money.
  • In government fraud, scammers will pretend to be from a government agency and manipulate the victim with fake scenarios. Examples include telling the victim that they owe tax money and that they need to pay it immediately.

Preventing vishing

  • Be aware of what vishing is and what techniques vishers use.
  • Don’t give in to pressure and be skeptical.
  • Don’t take anonymous calls.
  • Limit the information you share on social media.
  • Remember that legitimate companies or your bank will never ask for sensitive information over the phone. They will also provide more secure ways to communicate with them.

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