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(also Universal Cross-Site Scripting)

UXSS definition

UXSS is a security vulnerability that enables an attacker to inject malicious code directly into users’ browsers. This particular feature makes it more dangerous than regular cross-site scripting, which targets only specific websites. An attacker using UXSS can execute their malware across different websites, even those that are safe and have zero vulnerabilities.

The term UXSS has been in use since the early 2000s. When web applications became more complex and interactive, it led to more client-side scripting, which also meant more opportunities for exploitation.

See also: XML injection, XSS

How to protect yourself from UXSS

  • Update your browser regularly. Updates often contain patches for recent security vulnerabilities, including things like UXSS exploits.
  • Disable JavaScript. Although it will impact functionality, disabling JavaScript could prevent the execution of malicious scripts.
  • Use a reputable browser. Not all browsers are created equal, and when it comes to security, it’s best to stick with well-known, regularly updated software.
  • Use an antivirus. A good antivirus will protect you from a wide range of threats, including some types of UXSS attacks.

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