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Storm worm

Storm worm definition

Storm worm refers to a notorious computer worm from 2007. It is also known as the Storm Botnet. The specific activities of the Storm worm have significantly reduced since its peak, and it is now not considered an active threat.

See also: sandboxing, malicious code, autorun worm, computer worm, conficker

Storm worm history

The Storm worm emerged in early 2007 and quickly became one of the most notorious computer worms in the world. It gained prominence through a massive spam email campaign that enticed users with compelling subjects related to current events or holidays. As it spread through malicious email attachments or links disguised as electronic greeting cards, the Storm worm exploited vulnerabilities in user systems to infect their computers.

The Storm worm was known for its resilience and adaptability because it could change its code using polymorphic techniques. The ability to escape detection helped the attackers to use the Storm worm to grow the botnet to one of the largest and most powerful networks of its type. They continue carrying out malicious activities, including sending spam emails, launching distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, distributing malware, and stealing sensitive information.

The financial impact of the Storm Worm was substantial, considering the costs associated with combating the threat, investigating incidents, and implementing security measures. Eventually, through the combined effort of security researchers, law enforcement agencies, and internet service providers (ISPs), the key components of the Storm worm were shut down.