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Staging server

Staging server

(also stage, staging environment, pre-production environment)

Staging server definition

A staging server is a server used to safely test apps, websites, or services in a production-like environment. A staging server helps uncover software issues before the product goes live. Depending on their specialization, staging servers may be called staging database servers, staging website servers, or staging application servers.

Software is typically deployed on the staging server from development or testing servers. A staging server is made identical to the final production server to check for clashes with existing software. No actual coding takes place on staging servers — if an error is discovered at this stage, the application or website is sent back to development.,

Real staging server uses

  • Performance: Because staging servers are identical to production servers, they let testers observe how the software would actually perform on the end-user’s unoptimized device.
  • Bug hunting: Staging servers help uncover bugs that may be glossed over in the highly restrictive environment of development servers. Such bugs include software crashes from extended use or problems with consumer-grade operating system features.
  • Clashing behavior: By exposing software to a consumer’s typical environment (including other applications and popular settings), staging servers help identify problematic clashes with other services.

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