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Software package

(also package)

Software package definition

A software package is a bundled collection of computer programs, files, documentation, and all other components that are necessary for it to work. These items are packaged together to make the installation, management, and using the software easier as there is no need to download individual components separately.

Software package examples

A text editor. When you install a text editor package, you get the program itself, which is the main tool for writing and editing text, but you also receive any additional files or settings needed to make the program work properly on your computer.

Media player. When you install a media player package, you receive the player program, along with the necessary files to play different types of media files. Because of it, most media players are compatible with all different video and/or audio formats out there, so you don't have to download separate codec packs for every new media file you come upon.

Office suites. These are more comprehensive software packages, as they include multiple programs, like word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation tools. When you install an office suite package, you get all software bundled together, making it easier to work on various tasks and move information between different programs without having to install each one separately.