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Soft copy

Soft copy definition

A soft copy refers to a digital version of a document, image, or video. Soft copies can be accessed through a computer or another digital device.

The benefits of soft copies

  • Easy to transfer. Rather than moving boxes with physical documents, a soft copy can be sent to anyone in the world through the internet.
  • Accessibility. Anyone can access a soft copy using a variety of devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Sustainability. Soft copies don’t need to be printed out and, as such, reduce waste.
  • Searchability. While it may take days to go through paper documents, finding the right information in a soft copy can take mere seconds.
  • Modifiability. A soft copy can be updated, edited, and saved much more easily and efficiently compared to hard copies.
  • Saving space. Soft copies can be stored in a thumb drive, taking as little physical space as a matchbox.
  • Accessibility. With the help of assistive technologies, soft copies can be adapted to the needs of different audiences and accessed by more people.
  • Free and fast. The owner can make and distribute soft copies efficiently and without much cost.
  • Backup. A person can back up their digital files in a couple of clicks.

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