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SMTP proxy

(also Simple Mail Transport Protocol proxy)

SMTP proxy definition

An SMTP proxy is a type of proxy via which you get a basic level of control over your incoming email messages. It uses the Simple Mail Transport Protocol, also known as SMTP, to function.

You can configure your SMTP proxy to allow or deny emails from certain addresses or servers An SMTP proxy can also scan incoming email messages and their content to see if they contain viruses or other malicious threats. Many individuals and organizations also use SMTP proxies to create a list of spam email addresses and protect themselves from spam.

See also: spamming, anti-spam

SMTP proxy benefits

  • You can use SMTP proxies to filter spam and other inappropriate content.
  • With an SMTP proxy, you can protect yourself from different cyber attacks like malware and phishing.
  • It can set the maximum email size for incoming emails to protect you from attacks.
  • An SMTP proxy can filter email-embedded content.
  • The SMTP proxy can block emails from certain senders automatically.
  • It supports incoming and outgoing email messages.
  • The SMTP proxy offers quick and reliable email deliveries.
  • It is cost-effective and supports bulk emailing.