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Shared call appearance

(also SCA)

Shared call appearance definition

Shared call appearance is a telephony feature that allows a single telephone number to be assigned across multiple devices. Users can answer incoming calls to the shared number from any associated device.

SCA is a typical feature in VoIP and private branch exchange systems, allowing for flexible call management within organizations.

See also: private branch exchange, VoIP

Risks associated with SCA

  • Security. SCA increases the risk of unauthorized access to calls or voicemail. If one of the devices is compromised, it might expose the entire network to security threats.
  • Privacy. SCA can lead to privacy breaches, especially if a call is picked up on a shared line in a public or less secure space.
  • Dependency on network and systems. Any network issues or system failures can impact all devices with a shared number.
  • Overlapping calls. Situations where multiple users use the same line at once can lead to interruptions and confusion.
  • Monitoring and Compliance. For businesses that require call monitoring, SCA complicates these processes.
  • Training and usage. Ensuring all employees understand how to use SCA appropriately and comply with organizational policies sometimes requires significant training and oversight.
  • Potential for misuse. There's a risk of abuse of the shared line, where employees might use the business line for personal calls or, in a worst-case scenario, for fraudulent activities.