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Session token

(also Access token)

Session token definition

A session token is an identifier that a person receives after successful authentication. Stored in a cookie or included in the URL, it allows the server to recognize the user for personalized services.

See also: VPN token, Security token

Session token use cases

  1. 1.Web applications. Session tokens are used to manage user authentication and access to specific features. After users log in, the token is generated, allowing them to interact with the application without repeatedly entering their credentials.
  2. 2.E-commerce sites. When users add items to their shopping carts and proceed to checkout, a token is created to maintain their session. This enables users to complete the purchase process without losing their selected items.
  3. 3.Social media platforms. They use tokens to manage user logins and preserve their interactions throughout their session. Whether posting updates, liking posts, or commenting, the session token keeps users authenticated.
  4. 4.Online banking. Session tokens are employed to ensure secure transactions and protect sensitive financial data. Users logging in are assigned these tokens, allowing them to conduct multiple banking operations within a single authenticated session.
  5. 5.Gaming platforms. The tokens allow players to maintain their progress and interactions within games during a single session. They ensure smooth gameplay and secure access to in-game content.