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Script Kiddie

Script Kiddie

(also skiddie, skid)

Script kiddie definition

Script kiddie refers to amateur hackers who use existing software for malicious purposes. It is a derogatory term for individuals who do not understand how malicious tools and source code work and would not be able to modify or create them. Such cybercriminals usually try to find the most accessible routes to launch an attack and do not invest too much time or effort in carrying out the ambush.

You can imagine script kiddies programming in their basement and causing only minor inconveniences. The truth is that they can be dangerous or even engage in bullying. Skiddies carry out formidable exploits like DDoS attacks or spear phishing using free tools.

Hacker vs. script kiddie

Unlike hackers, these individuals are attention seekers, create chaos, and want to have fun without the goal of growing and learning. They have less experience and use ready-made exploits, while real hackers create their own or alter existing ones. It is important to note that not all novice hackers are script kiddies seeking a quick result. The pursuit of learning and development is the factor that distinguishes these two actors.

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