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Scale-out storage

Scale-out storage

Scale-out storage definition

Scale-out storage caters to growing data needs by adding resources as required. It spreads data across devices, integrating new nodes for capacity and performance without disruptions. This method aids scalability and bolsters fault tolerance through information redundancy.

See also: server hosting, hyperscale, cloud VPS, data center rack, virtual private server

Use cases of scale-out storage

  1. Web hosting. Hosting companies use scale-out storage for fast website loading. Storage grows with more websites to maintain speed.
  2. Cloud services. Online services add more scale-out storage as users increase. That ensures smooth operations.
  3. Content delivery networks (CDNs). CDNs use scale-out storage for quick content delivery, placing storage in different locations.
  4. Data analytics. Businesses analyze more data with scale-out storage. It speeds up their work.
  5. High-Performance Computing (HPC). Complex computing centers benefit from scale-out storage, handling large data amounts faster.

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