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(also Robust File Copy)

Robocopy definition

Robocopy is a command-line tool for file replication. It's been a standard feature in Windows since Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Robocopy copies and mirrors directories and files within the same machine or over a network. It also offers features not found in standard copy commands.

See also: shadow copy

Robocopy use cases:

  • Data migration. Robocopy is ideal for transferring large amounts of data across machines and locations. It can handle network interruptions and resume copying without starting over.
  • Backup. Robocopy can create scripts that regularly back up important files.
  • Synchronizing. It can synchronize content between folders on different machines and locations.
  • Disaster recovery. The feature can restore files from a backup to the original location.
  • Selective copying. You can copy files based on various attributes, like the modification date.
  • Copying file permissions. Robocopy can replicate the exact security, audit settings, and ownership.

Benefits of Robocopy:

  • Reliable. If Robocopy encounters an error, it will try again multiple times.
  • Speed. It's faster than the standard copy function, especially for lots of files.
  • Control. You can customize the feature, e.g., only copy files newer than those in the destination.