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Remote wipe

Remote wipe definition

A Remote wipe is a security feature that lets a user remotely delete information from a device. This is crucial when you lose a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Wiping the device will prevent a stranger from accessing sensitive data.

What does the process of a remote wipe look like?

  1. 1.Triggering the wipe. Depending on the system of your device, you'll have to use an app or specialized software to initiate it.
  2. 2.The command. The device you want to wipe has to be connected to the internet. If not, the command will execute as soon as the device goes online.
  3. 3.Verification. Additional confirmation works as a security measure to prevent accidental or unauthorized wipes.
  4. 4.Deletion. The exact scope of what's deleted can vary. Some remote wipe tools only delete specific sensitive data, while others reset the device to its factory settings.
  5. 5.Confirmation. The user who initiated the wipe will get a notification once it's done. Sometimes, the device may be left unusable until it's manually restored or serviced.

Common remote wipe apps:

  • Find My iPhone (iOS)
  • Find My Device (Android)
  • Samsung Find My Mobile (Samsung)
  • Microsoft Intune (Microsoft)
  • Lookout (cross-platform)
  • Prey (cross-platform)
  • Avast Antivirus & Security (Android)
  • McAfee Mobile Security (mobile)