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RedHack definition

RedHack is a computer hacker group from Turkey founded in 1997. The group, which has 12 known members, has hacked the Turkish police, government, and private company websites over the years, often leaving a political or social message. RedHack claims to be hacking “for the people,” and the group’s motives for hacking include dissatisfaction with state politics and challenging Turkey’s political establishment.

Some of RedHack attacks

In 2012, the group took over the website of the conservative Turkish newspaper Milli Gazete.

In 2012, on Mother’s Day, RedHack hacked into the Ministry of Family Affairs website and left a message criticizing the level of women’s rights in Turkey.

In 2013, RedHack launched an attack on Istanbul’s Special Provincial Administration. The group claimed to have hacked into the organization’s website and written off the debts of several public institutions.

In 2014, the group hacked and defaced the Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) website, leaving a message against the Nuclear Power Summit.

In 2022, RedHack launched a DDoS attack on the Turkish Airlines website, taking down the website and disrupting its functioning.