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Raspberry Robin

Raspberry Robin

(also Robin script for Raspberry Pi)

Raspberry Robin definition

Raspberry Robin, commonly known as Robin script for Raspberry Pi, is a procedure for establishing a VPN network on a Raspberry Pi unit utilizing the Robin script. This script enables users to transform their Raspberry Pi into a router for a VPN, channeling all online traffic via the encrypted VPN tunnel. This action significantly boosts the levels of privacy and security.

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Raspberry Robin examples

  • Home VPN router: Using Raspberry Robin, a Raspberry Pi can be turned into a home VPN router, allowing all devices connected to it to benefit from the security of the VPN connection.
  • Portable VPN hotspot: A Raspberry Pi with Raspberry Robin can be configured into a portable VPN hotspot. This provides secure internet access on the go, perfect for travelers or remote workers.

Advantages and disadvantages of Raspberry Robin


  • Security: Routing traffic through a VPN connection offers increased security, including encryption of data and masking the IP address.
  • Device-agnostic: Any device that connects to the Raspberry Pi router will have its traffic routed through the VPN, regardless of whether it natively supports VPN connections or not.


  • Setup complexity: The process of setting up Raspberry Robin might be complex for individuals without basic knowledge of Raspberry Pi and scripting.
  • Performance: Raspberry Pi is a low-cost, small-sized computer, so the performance might not match dedicated VPN routers, especially when multiple devices are connected.

Using Raspberry Robin

  • A Raspberry Pi device with an installed and updated operating system is necessary.
  • The instructions need to be carefully followed while installing and configuring Raspberry Robin to avoid potential issues and maintain security.

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